Good holiday decorations are hard to find.  I tend to buy them whenever and wherever I see them, even if it’s the middle of summer.

A subscriber in Pebble Beach, CA asked us to write an article on holiday decoration sources.  We hope this is helpful.  There is an abundance of choices, and holiday decorations are very personal.  We recommend that at each site you take time to browse the other merchandise.

Holiday ‘objéts’:

These are hand-blown glass evergreen trees from Simon Pearce.  They range in height from 6” to 20”.  $125 to $298 each.  Ideally you want a group of three in different sizes.

A set of Antiqued Bottle Brush Trees, 6″, 8” tall and 10”tall for  $59.00.

This white feather tree is 29” tall and 11” wide.  $34.95. There is a matching wreath, too.

We love this Christmas Chandelier Shade.  It comes in green or red, is silk and $18.00.

We have a friend who adds a new animated winter setting to their collection each year.  Even though they are a little old fashioned, we like Mr. Christmas Winter Wonderland — Ski hill and collection of winter scenes. Here is the animated Winter Village for $114.

Animated Christmas Village


These cheery multi colored large bead garlands are made in India from vintage cotton saris.  They would look gorgeous wrapped around a wood banister.  $35.00 for 3 feet.

We like this 13’ star garland.  The stars are 3”.  $4.50 from http://pearlriver.com


White rabbit fur pom-pom ornament is divine.  $10.00.

Felt ball ornaments are $3.00 each.

These are beautiful ornaments from master glass artisans.  Choose from 175 unique designs.  Prices range from $30.00 to $125.00.

I adore candy so I love these peppermint candy ornaments!  There are 3 peppermint candy patterns.

We love these red or green 7 1/2” star ornaments.  They are $10.99 each.

This 9” star ornament is eye-catching.  Put atop your tree, or hang as a ornament.- $4.99.



Feather wreaths from $20.00 for a 22” wreath.

Mariana button wreath is lovely up close and from afar.  It is 18” and $89.00.

This is a beautiful wreath, described as a “red & cream berry wreath with leaves”.  It is 18” in diameter and $39.99.  Again, scroll almost all the way down the home page to “Wreaths, Stems & Garlands”.


Want a fake tree this year?  Check out this artificial flocked tree–pre-lit and ready to go!  It will last forever.  $259.00.

We also like this 4’ Cypress ‘Pine’ Tree for $79.95.


Finally, battery powered candles are a wonderful touch on the short winter days at the holidays.  See the ASE article.

Many Flameless Candles

Happy decorating!