I long to live a completely organized life with “A place for everything and everything is in it’s place”.  Baskets help. They are flexible, affordable and decorative.  They look great under a table, next to a couch, in closets or mudrooms. They come in all shapes and sizes with handles, lids and gorgeous colors.  I love just thinking of all my magazines in a basket, and another basket for ribbon and wrapping, a small one for colored pencils, a medium for the dog leashes and brushes, a small one in the guest bathroom filled with toiletry samples….

www.basketlady.com has hampers, storage baskets, bicycle baskets, laundry baskets, picnic baskets, kitchen baskets and office baskets.

We like these outdoor round storage baskets in 4 different sizes, $20.00 to $58.00.

Pottery Barn has many decorative baskets.

Crate and Barrel has lots of storage baskets and tote baskets made from many different materials.

Bamboula ltd provides work and income for artisans in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The baskets are beautiful.

We love the Bolga basket with straw-and-leather handle $36.

The Iringa baskets are $225 for a set of 4.

The Ugandan Starburst raffia baskets are beautiful, $31 – $38.

Market basket 16” x 16” $39.