10 Minute Workout

10 minutes is better than nothing!

Staying active when you are busy 
The holidays have come and gone and winter is in full swing. Even though the pandemic has given everything a uniqueness we can’t wait to be rid of, it is still easy to get out of our regular routines, especially when it comes to our fitness and nutrition. Stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and being more sedentary have a profound impact on your overall health. The founders of Total Body Performance, who Nancy uses for personal training,  are here to help. They have developed a quick, 10 minute minimalist workout that you can do daily when you are short on time and wherever you are.


10 Minute Workout:

Move through each exercise in the order below,10-12 reps each exercise, reduce rest time between exercises, but rest at the end of each circuit. Complete 3-5 sets for a quick full-body, high calorie-burning workout!

1. Banded squat press (if no equipment, body squats)

10 minute workout squats

2.  Mountain climbers

10 minute workout mountain climbers

3.  Forward lunges, you can switch to reverse lunges if you have knee discomfort

fitness forward lunges

4.  Core bicycles

core bicycles 10 minute workout

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Note: Total Body Performance trainers are available to work virtually until the pandemic is over.


Add to your workout with these rollers;

Vibrating foam roller

Rolling Away Muscle Tension and Tightness