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Fit Tech is Not an Exercise Term!

I haven’t been able to solve the riddle of online clothes shopping, which often results in ordering several sizes and multiple returns.  Good news – shopping for clothes online has gotten easier. Now apps can guide us to a perfect fit. They have you measure your body with your smartphone using 3D technology.  Retailers find that these ‘fit’ apps reduce returns by helping buyers get it right the first time.  MySizeID, for example, estimates that their app will reduce returns by 30% annually.  MySize also estimates that as shoppers’ size confidence increases, orders will increase by 20%.

MySize recently launched an app for iOS. Because sizes vary across different clothing brands, app users obtain their measurements with their smartphones to find their perfect clothing fit in different brands.  The measuring is easy, just four moves with the smartphone, and the app’s sensors create your measurements.  The measurements become the user’s MySizeID fit profile. Buyers then use their personal profile information to shop online or in stores with more confidence that they will buy or try on the right size. The app has a long list of participating stores and is free.



fit tech sizer me

Sizer is an Israeli fashion-tech company that has a two-minute scan that produces precise body measurements from which they recommend sizes. Their goal is to guide buyers to the right size despite a wide variance on fit across clothing lines.  Users stand in a few poses while images are taken.  The images are then converted into accurate measurements using ‘learning’ algorithms. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is free.

Bespoke clothes using the 3D smartphone measuring technology:


MTailor is slightly different from Sizer and MySize.  It makes clothes based on your smartphone measurements instead of guiding you to the correct size from retailers.  They ask for 9 upper body measurements and 7 lower body measurements.  They primarily make clothes for men, but they can make jeans for women, and are adding more options for women soon.  For men, they make suits, blazers, slacks, jeans, chinos, dress shirts, short sleeve shirts and tee shirts.

Materials: Shirts and tees are 100% cotton with varying thread counts and weights to choose from, polo shirts can be 100% cotton or 100% polyester, suits can be 100% wool, 90% wool and 10% cashmere, or a polyester blend of 70% polyester, 28% rayon and 2% spandex.  Jeans and chinos are 98% cotton and 2% elastane blend. They offer monograms up to three letters on most of their garments.

Prices:  Shirts range from $64 to $89. Suits range from $400 to $800; blazers range from $280 to $600, and women’s jeans range from $80 to $130.

If the customer is not happy with the fit, MTailor will remake the garment for free.  Orders take 2 weeks to be delivered.  I have not tried to order from MTailor, so if any ASE readers do, please give us your feedback.

Fit Tek Redthread

Redthread offers bespoke women clothes using mobile scanning.  It involves three easy steps, and your order arrives in a week. They offer basic wardrobe choices – a black dress for $158.00, three pant styles (ankle, wide leg & resort) each $128, a snap jacket in white or black for $148.00 and a tee shirt in three colors for $78.00.

They offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ guarantee where customers can try their new garment for a week and then either return it if it’s not right or purchase it.  Their ‘Lifetime Fit Guarantee’ offers a free remake of the items you ordered if they are not right.

They have a ‘Greater Good’ side to their business by donating tailor-made clothing to the non-profit organization Dress for Success and reducing waste in their tailoring.  Because they make made-to-measure clothes, there is no excess that will end up in a landfill, and because their clothes are high quality, their customers keep them for ages.

I think a future world where I can easily order whatever article of clothing I need with my measurements that I have stored on my phone sounds fabulous.  Gone will be the days where one spends hours either online or going from shop to shop trying to find a pink top to go with a favorite skirt that will fit on the first try!