Surprising Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The best presents are often the little ones!


For All:

Hydrating hand sanitizer stocking gifts

OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray, Lavender Scent with Essential Oils both cleans and moisturizes your hands. It has soothing natural essential oils and nourishing aloe vera to soften hands. 6 pack $41.75

lint roller surprising stocking stuffer ideas


This Flint retractable lint roller is great for travel. When closed it is 5.5” long. It twists to open and is 9” when extended. It has 30 multi-use 100% recyclable sheets that remove lint, dust and pet hair. It is easy to refill and comes in many colors. $6.99.



Flexible metal straws, surprising stocking stuffers

Approximately 500 million straws are disposed of daily in USA. Help your environment. Take a metal straw with you and use it instead of a plastic one. They are reusable, eco-friendly and send a good message to eating establishments that still hand out plastic straws. A set of six with 2 cleaning brushes is $8.95.

shatterproof drinking straws stocking stuffers 2018




Another option is to use the lighter weight shatter resistant glass drinking straws. They are BPA free, non-toxic, 100% safe, reusable and eco-friendly. A set of 6 with 2 cleaning brushes is $10.99.

clever comebacks surprising stocking stuffers

Viva la Repartee: Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History’s Great Wits & Wordsmiths by Dr. Mardy Grothe is a delightful collection of “masterly composed and perfectly timed” retorts. The kind that WE wish we’d be able to come up with! Winston Churchill was a master. Lady Nancy Astor once said to Churchill at a dinner party when Churchill had had too much to drink “Winston, if you were my husband, I’d put poison in your coffee”. Without skipping a beat, Churchill replied “Nancy, if you were my wife, I’d drink it”. It’s a fun read. Hardcover $12.45


Sweet Jules caramels surprising stocking stuffers ideasStart someone off with an 8-piece gift bag of Sweet Jules caramels and they’ll be hooked. These are my favorite caramels. The gift bag has one of each of the 8 flavors Sweet Jules offers. $12.95


colorful pencil sets stocking stuffer ideas



You’ll have someone on your list for whom one of these pencil sets is perfect! $9.66.





Lamp Charger USB ChargerUSB Light Bulb Charging Adapter can be added to any lamp with a light bulb socket adapter. Screw it into a standard household lamp and have a rapid charging port handy. The adapter charges when the light is off or on. $19.95


For Him:

Fun socks for surprising stocking stuffer ideas



These Stance Christopher Dress Socks add some zip. They land 7” above the ankle, are lightweight, breathable and flexible and made from a durable synthetic. $14.40.




custom crossword puzzle for surprising stocking stuffer ideas



This is a DIY idea for the man who has everything – make him a custom crossword puzzle! It’s easy – give it a title, enter the words and the clues and click ‘create puzzle’. Best of all, it’s free!




KIWI Shoe Polish stocking stuffer ideas


Update his shoe shining kit with new, fresh Kiwi shoe polish pastes. The pastes will nourish and protect the leather while giving a great polish. One paste is $6.22.

Shoe Polish 



shoe polish brushes stocking stuffers ideas

To go along with the new shoe polish, he’ll need new brushes (one for light shoes, one for dark shoes) to a bright shine.  The brushes are 100% horsehair and 7” long. They have high quality wood handles with groove grips. $10.99 for the pair.

Shoe Polish Shine Brushes 

KIWI Shoe Shine cloths surprising stocking stuffersNo polish is complete without a cloth to finish up the shine.  These Kiwi cloths are 13.5” x 7” and leave the shoes with a brilliant shine. They are for all leather products and are made from soft, durable flannel. A 2-pack is $6.93. Shoe Shine Cloths.


Cha Cha Charcoal Toothpastestocking stuffer ideas


Perhaps he’ll try black toothpaste?  It is activated charcoal toothpaste and like charcoal, it is black.  It completely rinses out leaving no black traces.  It helps prevent cavities, eliminates bad breath and brightens teeth.  It has a fresh mint flavor.  $9.00.



WD-40 Stocking Stuffers 2018

WD-40 is one of those multitasking products that no self-respecting household should be without. This new version has been upgraded to have an 8” flexible straw to reach hard to get to places. WD-40 protects against corrosion, frees sticky mechanisms, loosens rust to metal bonds and helps release stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. It lubricates moving parts and removes sticky stuff from multiple surfaces. When in doubt, try WD-40! One 8oz. can is $3.88.

tough tiedown straps wraptie surprising stocking stuffer ideas


This set of two, tie down straps from Wraptie come highly recommended as they are industrial grade. They can wrap and secure up to 110 pounds. They come in three lengths – 4’ for $28.06 for a set of two, 6’ for $36.95 for a set of two and 8’ for $42.06 for two.


Victorinox Swiss Card lite surprising stocking stuffers

This cool Swiss Army SwissCard is TSA approved for flights. It is made in Switzerland and has a new LED mini white light. It has 13 tools that include a blade/letter opener, scissors, rulers, straight pin, magnifying glass, pressurized ballpoint pen, toothpick, nail file and Phillips screwdrivers and tweezers. $34.00.

For Kids:


Keep your kids healthy this winter! The Scrub Bugs is a cute sponge that will encourage hand washing year-round. It has a sponge and bristle combination, fits kids’ hands well and has a very appealing design. It comes in two colors. $9.95

FINGER BABIES STOCKING STUFFER ideasFingerlings are big again this year! The babies are adorable and interactive.  They respond to sound, motion and touch by babbling, turning their heads and blinking their eyes.  If they are blown a kiss they kiss back.  There are many baby Fingerlings to choose from.  Appropriate for ages 5 and up.  $22.25.


Pimple patches




These Pimple Patches are very highly rated. They soothe the skin and eliminate acne-causing infection and bacteria. 24 count in 4 pack. $11.00.





dodocool Mini Wireless Speakers

These dodocool Mini Wireless Speakers are very small speakers with great sound. Each one is 1.60 oz. and can fit into a pocket. It measures 1.66” x 1.44”. It is great for the beach, a dorm room, hiking, anywhere! A carrying cord is included. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours. It pairs with smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. $9.00 each.

slamwich card game stocking gifts 2018



Remember Slamwich?  This is a fabulous vintage game good for ages 6 and up and for two to six players.  Flip and stack this loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double deckers.  Get there first and win the pile.  $9.90.



For The Chef:

Chef'n Loose Leaf Stocking stuffers 2018



This small leaf Stripper and snipper from LooseLeaf Plus is a great kitchen tool. It strips leaves from herbs and bulky greens but also has stainless steel shears to snip the herb sprigs from the garden. $10.




Herbal Tea Drops Surprising Stocking Stuffers


Tea Drops are instant tea cubes in cute shapes. The teas are delicious. There is some residue of tea in the bottom of your mug when you finish, but I didn’t mind it at all. The convenience is wonderful. A sampler box is $16.99





Grisptics for fresh food surprising stocking stuffersGripstics keep food fresh! They allow you to reuse the supermarket baggies without needing clips. A Gripstic is a reusable sealing rod that keeps air and moisture from your crispy items like cereal and crackers from going stale. They will keep chips, baking ingredients and much more fresh and bug free. A 12 piece assortment is $19.95.

champagne bottle stopper is a surprising stocking stuffer

This is a great champagne bottle stopper for leftover sparkling wine! The Fantes Aunt Vittoria stopper reseals opened champagne bottles to keep the bubbles for the next time you serve it. The flip-top has a silicone seal and is easy to put on and take off. $12.09.

Trudeau Glass Salt Or Pepper Shakers with Silicone Pop Lid

These salt and pepper shakers are fun and functional. They have a glass body and a silicone lid that pops up with a press of the finger. They keep salt and pepper dry and fresh and are great for any area with humidity or salt air. They are 2” x 2” x 3.15” and are dishwasher safe. $9.95

organic sporks for surprising stocking stuffers


Bambu Organic Bamboo Sporks travel set are versatile eating utensil that can go anywhere. Each ‘spork’ (spoon + fork) is lightweight with a natural food-safe oil finish. They should be hand washed. $12.49 for a set of four.



Penguin Refrigerator Deodorizer Remover



Chill Bill Refrigerator Deodorizer keeps your fridge fresh and odor-free. The cute penguin is a ventilated air purifier. Add baking soda and place on a refrigerator shelf to absorb any smells. Replace the baking soda when needed. Dishwasher safe. $16.99



For Her:

Kleenex exfoliating cushions surprising stocking stuffer ideas

Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions are facial and makeup remover pads. Run them under water to activate the frothy, papaya-infused cleanser. They are two-sided facial pads – gentle exfoliation on one side and scrubbing on the other side   $25.75 for 12

Simple hydrating sheet mask



Simple Skincare hydrating skin mask is a hydrating peel-off face mask that helps with dry, rough, tight and dull-looking skin. $6.50 each.



Stance Chipper Crew Socks stocking stuffers



These Stance Chipper Crew Socks for women are quick drying and extra-tough – perfect for sprucing up your workout-wear. $16.00.





Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stocking Stuffer



Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protective Stick is my favorite. It is all-weather and has SPF 15. It is worth every penny. $22.00.




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