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Let the holiday games begin!

I tackled this category of holiday gifts for kids earlier than usual because I was worried some of these items might sell out.

Hatchimals is the hot toy this season, made by Spinmaster. It is an interactive bird-like toy that “hatches” out of its egg and ages as kids take care of it from an infant to a toddler to a little bird-like kid. The eyes light up, you can hear the heartbeat, and it will make noises. It can be taught to walk, sing, dance and play games.   Which of the two Hatchimals is inside your egg is a surprise. The more a child plays with it the sooner the egg will hatch. The company says they will have more for sale at the end of this month and again in January. If you don’t get one this season, keep it in mind for your child’s birthday. They should retail between $50.00 – $75.00 but right now the prices are crazy. Don’t forget to try Ebay.  It is recommended for ages 5 – 7. (They’re still a hot gift – 2019)


If finding a Hatchimal is impossible, consider a FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon. Your dragon will respond to touch and has more than 50 sound and motion combinations. He will eat his treats and if you fill his tank with water he’ll breathe flame-colored mist. It is recommended for ages 4 and up. $77.00.

gifts-for-kids--furreal-SimbaSimba has been added to FurReal friends this year. He’s got 100 sound+ motion functions and will be a delight for your child. $59.95

Simba Kids Gifts


It’s a rare child who doesn’t love building blocks. Building blocks helps children develop their visual spatial skills plus it’s fun to experiment and explore different designs. This is a 100 piece set of wood shapes. It is recommended for ages 3 and up. $27.99.

wooden blocks for kidsAnki Cozmo robot might be the hottest toy this holiday season. Cozmo is a real-life robot with a personality. It expresses emotions, responds to actions and always wants to play. There is a free app that accompanies it and it requires a compatible mobile phone or tablet to access the robotic functions that bring Cozmo to life. Recommended for ages 8 and up. $109.99 and up.

holiday-gifts-for-kids-cozmo-robotFor ages 1 and up – Crayola Imaginables will turn your child’s drawing into a customized cuddly stuffed animal. It’s easy to do – first, take a photo of your child’s art, then upload, email or text Crayola the photo and receive your plush stuffed creation! Each ‘plushie’ is hand-made by a team of designers and seamstresses. They can replicate doodles from all ages – early drawings to advanced ones. Each order takes 4 weeks and they charge a flat price of $115.00.


For the baby in your life – a new baby product line, Chantecaille Bébé is plant-powered organic skincare and bath products. The products have been rigorously formulated to meet Europe’s tough Cosmetic Organic Standard (COSMOS). The most popular product is the Bébé Wild Moss Rose Body Lotion. 4 oz. for $55.00.


For kids of all ages who love board games, these Wild & Wolf classics are great looking and affordable. They make backgammon, dominoes and checkers. Prices range from $12.00 – $26.00.


Fisher-Price Code-a-pillar teaches kids about coding. They problem solve to connect the segments which make the Code-a-pillar move forward, left or right. Each segment will light up as the action happens. They are programming while they play! Appropriate for ages 3 – 8. $69.00.

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