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May 2015

Marie Kondo's organizing
At Home, Knowing


Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has been on the U.S. best-seller list since October.  I hesitated to even write this article because I assumed that everyone knows of her.  I was talked into writing it by…

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Emojis apps
Knowing, Technology


When my oldest daughter started including a large emoji in her texts to me that looked an awful lot like her, I got curious about emojis.  Those tiny Japanese images called emojis pepper many emails and texts and have become…

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Doing, Travel


Tell your dog that the kennel is no longer the first choice for its boarding and that you’ve discovered a much nicer option.  DogVacay is an online service connecting pet owners with over 21,000 pet-loving sitters across the U.S. and…

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