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This article has been updated for accuracy, April 2020

E-cards have caught on in a big way.  They are convenient, clever and environmentally responsible.  The sites remind us about important birthdays and celebrations so we no longer have to send the ones that say “belated”.  Below are e-card web sites to help you keep up with your “to do” list.

We have used Jacquie Lawson’s cards for years.  They offer lovely animated cards set to classical music. Many feature her labrador Chudleigh. For $20 a year, you can send unlimited cards for any kind of event or holiday. Set up a calendar of important birthdays. Reminders come to you by email several days ahead of time, which is very helpful.

online thank you card

For $5/month on the Hallmark e-card site, you can send unlimited e-cards for a year.  You can choose from your favorite characters, TV shows and movies, song e-cards and many more options. This site lets you plan ahead to schedule birthday, anniversary cards for the year ahead.

online e cards Hallmark

123Greetings’s motto is “free greetings for the planet”. They offer an enormous selection of animated greetings for any kind of occasion, and style choices from “cute” to “inspirational”.  The advertising can be annoying, however.

online ecards 123rf

Blue Mountain is a lovely site that costs $19.99 a year to join. In addition to many e-card categories, you can create and print cards.  They feature 5 artists. Each offers a favorite e-card you can personalize. These dancing ladies become candles on a birthday cake.

Dancing birthday cards

Someecards is not your ordinary e-card site.  The cards are irreverent,  hilarious and au courant. Some e-cards are free and some you must purchase.  You can also create your own.

funny meme cards

American Greetings has free e-cards, animated greeting cards and invitations.  For $20 a year, you can make unlimited custom printable cards that are easy to design and print out. You can make photo cards for .39 cents each, and photo calendars.  You can set up reminders.

Group card, now Open Me, was launched at Stanford University in 2007.  This site allows a group of people to send a joint card with individual messages and signatures. A Groupcard staff member transcribes each emailed message into human handwriting as it gets sent around to the group for their input. In addition to being emailed for free, for a fee the cards are printable in different sizes including poster size.

Open me ecards

You may have seen some political JibJabs during past presidential elections.  You can put your own photos onto the animated characters that sing, dance, play sports or star in movies.  It is hilarious!  Some are free and some are for purchase. Put your parents onto the disco dance and laugh until you cry!

jib jab ecards

Doozy Cards, another online greeting company, will help celebrate just about any event you can think of. You can even have Dionne Warwick sing Happy Birthday to that special person, so you don’t have to.

We still like getting mail in our post boxes, something more interesting than bills. Don’t you?

Online invitations are great for bridal showers and other events.  Here is our go-to list, You’re Invited

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