Yamuna Body Rolling is an approach to health and fitness using specialized balls to work specific muscles, create suppleness in tight areas and optimize your range of motion.

The balls stretch muscles, dislodge tension and discomfort, increase blood flow and promote healing – using your body weight to apply the pressure.

In addition to the balls, there are also the Foot Savers and the Foot Walkers.  These rubber, ‘nubbly’ half spheres stimulate the bottom of your feet and increase circulation and flexibility.  They stretch all of your foot muscles and ligaments.   You can use them anywhere, anytime.

A trainer highly recommended this body therapy system to us so we tried it and liked it.  Yamuna is now offered at Canyon Ranch.  It may sound odd, but it isn’t really, and it does produce results.


Yamuna (pronounced Ya-men-ah) is a woman named Yamuna Zake who is an herbalist, body worker, aromatherapist and educator.  She is a certified Yoga instructor who opened her own Yoga center in 1977 in New York.  She developed Body Rolling after suffering a hip injury.


There are a series of routines using 6 to 10 inch balls.  You lie over the ball, rolling your body out stretching and elongating your muscles.  You start at the tendon end of each muscle and roll toward the other end.  The balls come with DVD instruction that is easy to follow.

The foot fitness also comes with DVDs.  The feet are sensitive, so this took a little while to get used to, but my feet felt much better!


When you use Body Rolling on your back you stimulate the nerve roots of the spine which helps internal organs and systems function better.  When you do abdominal routines you stimulate the organs of digestion.  Body rolling improves posture and alignment.  It is a great stress and tension reliever.  It relaxes muscle knots and tightness.

The Foot Savers and Foot Walkers provide a great massage to the bottom of the feet. We take our feet for granted until we have a foot injury like Planter’s Fasciitis. Feet need care.  Keeping the ligaments and muscles stretched and relaxed is critical.


Order the Gold Beginner’s Pack, a ball and video instruction, and you can roll anywhere! $60.95.

Order the Foot Wakers and instructional DVD for $64.95.

Order the Foot Saver Kit for $59.95.