I travel for weeks with only a carry-on bag, but I like to use my own ‘products’ – shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body lotion.  They are often not available in the small required size (less than 3.4 ounces).  Most refillable containers are cheap, difficult to fill and prone to messy leaks.   Do I have to check a bag just to be able to carry my favorite products when I am away from home?  No!

Finally, I have found great regulation sized travel containers for liquids.  I have just used them for three weeks in Africa without a single problem.

GoToobs are made of soft, squeezable silicone with a no-drip valve.  The wide opening makes it easy to fill your tube – even with thick conditioner.  They are easy to clean. They don’t leak.  I have one in each of four colors and I have assigned a color to each product I use.  It is obvious which one is the shampoo and which is conditioner.  You can also set the ID window to say “soap, lotion”, etc. They come in three sizes 1.25 oz, 2 oz. and 3 oz.  They meet TSA and international restrictions.  Plus, your zip-lock bag will look cool as you place it on the belt for the airport screen.  Learn about GoToobs at: www.humangear.com.  I have been waiting for these for a long time.  You can avoid a messy frustration for less than $25 for three of them – what a deal!

Buy GoToobs.

TSA (U.S. Transportation Security Administration) Carry-on restrictions for liquids at: www.tsa.gov.