Elegant, natural wreathes are decorative in every season.

There is a misconception about wreaths – most people associate them only with the winter holiday season. In fact, wreaths can be used for all seasons. I love Christmas wreaths, but I’ve come to appreciate elegant wreaths appropriate in other seasons as well.

For Fall, this is a beautiful dried wreath made up of blond wheat, millet, avena, black broom, corn green wheat, china millet, red broomcorn and linum. It is hand-assembled and 22” in diameter. It can be hung indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area. $64.50.

This Metallic Twig wreath with a gold finish is handcrafted from quail brush twigs. It is long lasting and can be hung indoors or outdoors. It comes in three sizes – 20” diameter x 4” deep, 29” diameter x 6” deep and 36” diameter x 10” deep. Prices range from $49.50 – $159.00 depending on size. It also comes in silver.


This Golden Wheat Wreath is 22” in diameter and handcrafted in the USA. No two wreaths are exactly alike. It is made from American-grown blond wheat. It can be hung indoors or in a sheltered place outdoors. $49.00.

For Winter, this is a free form boxwood berry wreath. It is made from stems of green boxwood leaves and berries. It is 22” in diameter and $34.99.

This is a preserved traditional 16” boxwood wreath. It is $69.00.

This is a fresh Magnolia leaf wreath that is hand-crafted. It comes in four sizes – 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”. Prices range from $33.00 – $129.00 depending on size.

For Spring, a moss wreath, in a gentle green, signals the approach of longer, sunny days and more time spent outside. This preserved moss wreath can be hung indoors or in a sheltered place outdoors. It is 3” wide x 21” diameter. $88.00.

Here is a faux moss wreath that is 18” in diameter and 5” wide. It is $78.99.

This mini-wreath comes with sphagnum moss and can be grown as is, or you can add succulent cuttings. Fat Plants offers packets of optional ‘mini-succulents’. It is 7” in diameter x 5” deep. It is ready to plant immediately, no soil needed. $19.99.

For Summer, this birch bark wreath is 20” in diameter and 4” deep. It is made from small pieces of cut birch branches layered together. $29.95.

This faux lavender wreath is lovely. It is 20”-22” and made from silk with an all natural wood twig base.