Give your house some extra snappiness this spring and change the style of your house numbers.  There are many fun ones to choose from.

This enamel house number has a very 1800s feel.  It’s lovely and easy to see.  They come round, oval or rectangular and are custom ordered.  They start at $69.00.

These are clay tiles with clean and crisp numbers.  Each one is 4” x 4” and $38.00 each.

These are classic 4” brass antique copper “floating” house numbers.  You can choose five other finishes.  They are hand finished and come with the required hardware.  $8.00 each.

These Bungalow-style house numbers are 5” tall and come in several bright colors.  Choose from rust, bright pink, orange, blue and key lime to name a few.  They are $28.00 – $32.00 each. let’s you be as creative as you’d like.  Choose your font, material and size for your house numbers and you will receive the price.

These hand-painted clay tiles are beautiful and one of a kind.  There are many styles to choose from. $4.25 – $15.00.

If you like the vintage look, try Urban Remains in Chicago.  They have vintage letters and numbers on their website.

Helpful hint:  House numbers are useless if they aren’t visible, so before you choose new numbers, do your homework.  Use painter’s tape where the numbers will go and play with the scale.  Look at them from all angles and at night and make sure they can be seen from a distance.  Ideally house numbers should be somewhere they can be illuminated by a streetlight or an outdoor light.