When the sticker craze happened in the ‘80s and ‘90s I was right in there with the kids.  I loved them.  They were expressive, creative and artistic.  Deco Bugs has finally made stickers for adults!  And, they are functional!

I love the chalkboard stickers.  They can be used to label anything, even your drink.  They can also be used as frames, talk bubbles, or decorations.  The large ones can be used for messages and lists.  They are self-adhesive and can be written on with chalk or liquid chalk pens.  If your message is permanent, permanent pens also work.

Let’s take them one by one.

The chalkboard sticker drink markers come 8 in a pack and are $4.99.  They are thin, flexible and self-adhesive.  They let your guests mark their drinks and they also double as name tags.  They come in 15 designs, and can be used to label anything, not just drinks.

The chalkboard frames come on one sheet of five for $4.99, and each one is a different shape.  They can be used in scrapbooking, card making, other crafts, or just on the fridge with a picture inside.  They are self-adhesive.

The large frame stickers are 5” x 7” and are $9.99 for two.

The Chalkboard Talk Stickers are fun for scrapbooking and other art projects.  One sheet of 6 in different shapes is $4.99.  Larger talk stickers are $9.99 for a sheet of two.

The decorative chalkboard stickers can be used for just about anything., labeling, scrapbooking, or even leaving messages.  They come in star, circle, flower, heart, and block shapes. A sheet of smaller stickers is $4.99.  A sheet of large stickers in a tube is $9.99.

The Chalkboard Rectangle is 10.5” x 7” and can be used on walls, or for crafts projects.  One sheet is $9.99. pix These come in different shapes.  One favorite is the dog bone.

Other products include number, letter, Valentine’s, graduation, and year stickers in a tube.  1 foot for $5.99.  These can be useful for projects.

There are also décor stickers of paw prints, hearts, stars, circles and phrases.  The sheet size is 22” x 7.5” for $14.99.