ecological footprint quiz

The original intention of Earth Day was to raise awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.  Earth Day was first observed in San Francisco (where it originated), and other U.S. cities in 1970 on the first day of spring.  It is now celebrated in more than 175 countries on April 22nd every year, with activities focused on environmental issues.

This April 22nd, plan to do something green.  More than 600 million people have signed an Earth pledge – the range of activities include biking to work, eating locally grown food, planting a tree and using less water. There are so many more!

Go to the Earth Day Network and take their Ecological Footprint quiz.

If the size of your ecological footprint motivates you, pledge a positive action on Earth’s Billion Acts of Green.

More environmental notes:  Check out on The Secret Life series of videos put out by INFORM, Inc – “Building Environmental Literacy”.  Their latest video is The Secret Life of Beef.

Check out our favorite ‘greeen’ website – Practically Green – “Your roadmap for a healthy green life”