Corporate give back programs
*This article has been updated with additional information, Sept. 2017

Tom’s is a shoe company that gives back. Started by Blake Mycoskie after a trip to Argentina, these great looking and comfortable canvas espadrille-type shoes are not only affordable, but are making a giant footprint in the lives of needy Argentine children who have gone without shoes. For every pair he sells, Mr. Mycoskie donates a new pair to a family in rural Argentina. So far, he has been able to donate over 10,000 pairs. Check them out, they are great for all ages. Prices start at $38.

Since this article was originally written, Toms has expanded their line of apparel and diversity of giving. While still providing one donated pair per one purchases pair of shoes, their outreach has gone way beyond with  gifts and partnerships for safe water, safe children and many more. Its a wonderful example of committed corporate giving.

We support philanthropy in many different forms, and give-back companies can be considered a win (consumer) win (recipient from new shoes, new glasses, charitable funds) win corporations. There are several excellent articles in our archives that site a few of our favorite winners.

Companies That Give Back

and about Jessica Alba’s company, Honest

Honest Company – Ethical Consumerism

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