Guest writer Anne Wells tells ASE about the nonprofit she founded in East Africa in 2008:

I launched Unite The World With Africa  in 2008.  Unite is a 100% volunteer social organization that identifies small grassroots organizations and individuals in Tanzania, East Africa, who are impacting positive change in the fields of  women’s health, education and micro finance.  Unite then helps provide them the support they need to succeed through the provision and sharing of expertise, funds, network and supplies.

Unite’s work is to raise an army of ambassadors for — and to work side-by-side with — those individuals and groups working on the front lines in the battle against extreme poverty and its associated suffering. With its ever growing team of Americans and Tanzanians alike, Unite has vetted dozens of NGOs and religious groups as well as individuals working under no formal organizations across East Africa. And for Unite’s 20+ selected partners, Wells and her team has raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds if not thousands of individuals. Donations have been provided in the form of direct cash to and from Unite, the provision of supplies, and through the forging and managing of relationships with American donors who — it is our work to ensure — then become long-term friends and supporters.

Unite’s goal is to empower at-risk and marginalized women and girls to live healthier, happier, more productive lives. To do this, Wells and her team get creative. In 2010, they launched the online retail outlet Ashe Collection through which they have sourced and sold jewelry, accessories, clothing, handbags and household goods handmade by artisans across East Africa. Ashe’s purpose has been to help to drive job creation overseas and to raise awareness and funds for our partner programs. This holiday Ashe Collection is featuring an exquisite array of photography by internationally renowned artists. To view their catalog, click HERE.


To mobilize and empower American youths and encourage them to embrace their innate power as global change agents, Unite launched the youth group Global Girls & Guys Unite, which focuses on education, connection with peers in Africa and fundraising. Interested in getting your kids involved? Email [email protected]

And, knowing that it is human nature to be moved by what we can see, touch, taste and feel, Anne and her team launched Unite Tours & Safaris through which American safari goers enjoy unique adventures that combine traditional wildlife safaris with field visits to Unite’s field partner where they are welcomed as friends to learn and share in settings that are widely undiscovered by traditional tourists. Read some of Unite’s client testimonials HERE.

Unite is a portal of service for anyone with a heart for Africa to get intimately involved. Learn more at UNITETNZ.ORG or contact Anne directly at [email protected].


About Anne:

In addition to her work as founder and director of Unite The World With Africa, Unite Tours & The Ashe Collection, Anne serves as a Board Member for Moyo International, an advisor to the Board for Nurturing Minds in Africa and the Sega Girls Schoolin Morogoro, Tanzania, and a founding advisor to Evolve The Conversation – a movement to celebrate the art of communication.

Anne received her BA in Anthropology from Kenyon College in 1993 (and was awarded the Margaret Mead Award) and attended the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 1995/1996.

She has written two books and continues to write for international audiences. Wells is a wife and mother of three daughters — ages 8, 10 and 12, and lives in Darien, CT, USA.

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