These new games are like Scrabble and Boggle, but you can make your moves anytime – online. I play them with my family and friends. When I have a few minutes I make my move and send it. My opponent makes a move when she has time. I love the games and I feel connected to the other players. It is fun to see how their minds work. I have several games going at once. Play on your iPad or iPhone.

Here is how to get started. Download the free ‘App’ for Words With Friends or Scramble With Friends from your ‘App’ store. Register with a user name. Hint: you make it easy for your friends to find you if you choose a recognizable user name. You then invite friends into a game if you know their user name – or find friends on Facebook.

Words With Friends is a variation of Scrabble. Each player creates a word, accumulates points and draws new tiles. Her opponent takes her turn when it is convenient – sometimes right away and sometimes two days later. When all the tiles have been drawn and a player uses her last one – the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Scramble With Friends is a variation of Boggle. Each game consists of three two minute rounds. The first player is given scrambled letters and has two minutes to see how many words she can create. When her opponent takes her turn, she has the same letters. They each get a first round score. Two more rounds and the game is over. I guarantee that you’ll play again. There are some subtleties – you can buy tokens for inspiration or to freeze the game. You’ll figure it out.

Want more? Hanging with Friends is a variation of Hang Man.

Both of these games are products of Zynga, one of the success stories in the tech world of San Francisco. To learn more about Zynga, go to: