21st Birthday Party

Our youngest daughter is turning 21 and her three older sisters have all contributed their favorite ideas to set the tone for a fun party.  Here are the perks they suggest:

Dress for fun


Pick Your Nose Party Cups

Pick your nose party cups

Colorful lanterns

Pink Flamingos

Personalize it

Custom Macaron Toppers- Monogram

Macaroons are really hot now (the “new cupcake”) and you can order them monogrammed (minimum order is $250, so you’d better love them…

M&Ms with customized color, pictures and writing

Awesome Party Hats

Party hats – a blank canvas for expression

And maybe the most fun… personalized Wayfarer style sunglasses.  I will only buy the ones with some UV protection and the minimum order is 100 pairs. They are made out of recycled plastic. Last minute?  Mine came in a week. More good news? They are $2.25 a pair.  You can find lower prices and smaller minimum orders if you are not concerned about UV protection.  Custom ‘Wayfarer style’ sunglasses

Surface Palette Image



To personalize the table create these centerpieces with photos of the ‘the center of attention’.

ASE article at: http://www.asharpeye.com/articles/062310.shtml