onligetting great deals

Getting great deals is in vogue!  You do not need to search endlessly for coupons and other deals before every online purchase. We have found some excellent sites which search the web for the product you want and connect you to the online seller with the best price.

Search the web for the best price:

For the best prices on most products:
Before you buy online, type in any product and DealNews will search over 2,000 online retailers for the best deal on the product you want – they have up to the minute information on the lowest price.

For the best prices on specific products, these websites are worth a look:

  • Consumer  reviews of most products
  • If you want it today, Pricespider will find your product in a local store and will check inventory levels to be sure that they have your product in stock.
  • You can earmark a product on Pricespider and it will email you with updates when the price changes.

Best coupons for online savings:

For savings on everything including the kitchen sink, try any of these sites.  We are waiting for the day that they invent a site that culls information from all of these, but for now you can buzz each to find deals before making purchases:

Best printable coupon source, take them to your store:

Don’t wade through a week’s worth of newspapers and junk mail collecting coupons before you go to the store.

Once you have found the best price, get an even better deal by avoiding shipping fees:

  • Free Shipping’s searchable database tracks shipping coupons at over 1,200 e-tailers!

For those times when you’re interested in a product but think that it’s overpriced, track price changes and wait for the right deal:

  • Shoppingnotes takes the legwork out of checking sales updates on a vast range of products. You can type your email address and the product page URL(www…), and Shopping Notes will automatically email you if the price changes.
  • serves the same purpose but may have ‘e-tailers’ that Shoppingnotes doesn’t and vice versa.
  • On Dealalerter you set the purchase price on a product you want and they will email you if your target price is met.  This means that you won’t receive superfluous emails.  It is only useful if you know the price that you are willing to pay.

Get cash back from your favorite ‘e-tailers’:

Once you have found the online retailer that carries your product, make a quick detour to – it might forgo some commission and reduce the price of your purchase. (You enter the store or product into the ‘search’ box).

  • Sign up for a free account on ebates and you receive cash back at over 800 online stores including many at which you shop already.   Depending on your preference, ebates will credit a PayPal account or send a check in the mail.
  • Ebates has relationships with stores that we love and it allows you to search by either product or store.

Exchange unwanted gift cards and purchase new ones at a discount:

When we receive gift cards that we know we won’t use, we sell them online at a discount and buy discounted online gift cards from stores we frequent.  For example, I recently purchased a $200 gift card to Brooks Brothers on Giftcards for $174.  That is $26 in my pocket!

  • Tip: This is an excellent resource for presents.  You can purchase full price Visa gift cards and personalize them with pictures that are meaningful to the recipients.

The Greater Good – Your expired grocery coupons can help military families overseas:

Do you have expired grocery coupons (not more than 6 months old) that you meant to use?  Now you can do some good by sending expired coupons to overseas military bases where military families can use them at the commissary despite expiration dates.