ASE prediction: Kindle will soon become a verb in the English language akin to “google”.  i.e.  “We kindle and just love it!”


  • Convenient:
    • Lighter than most paperbacks
    • As thin as most magazines
    • Adjustable text size to suit your needs
    • Easy on the eyes
    • Great for travel
    • It will read aloud to you, although some pronunciations are a work in progress
  • Newspapers and magazines:
    • Makes reading newspapers and magazines easy and inexpensive
    • Can’t finish all the sections of the paper today?  They will be waiting for you in your Kindle –  not all over the kitchen counter
  • Books:
    • Immediate wireless delivery of books (currently only within the US)
    • Costs less to download a book than to buy it
    • Over 285,000 books available for Kindle, plus newspapers, magazines and blogs
    • Huge storage capability (1500 books)
  • Green –Saves trees, eliminates transportation and trash


  • Not every single book, newspaper or magazine is available
  • If you’re an impatient or nervous reader like I am, it is difficult to jump ahead to see what’s coming
  • Some newspapers and magazines may only be read section by section in the order articles appear
  • Some newspapers and magazines may not have a table of contents, and few photographs
  • Not backlit, so no reading in the dark
  • It’s just newfangled, dagnabbit! Why can’t things stay the same?


We hope you have noticed that the pros outnumber the cons and have decided to take the plunge.  The original Kindle is no longer available except for used or refurbished machines.  The new models offer substantial advantages.  You have two new versions to choose between:

The Kindle 2 was launched in March, 2009 and here are the ways it is better than the Kindle 1:

  • It has a new “read-to-me” feature if you get lazy (now must be “enabled” by author because the Authors Guild got cranky)
  • It has a good built-in dictionary
  • Wireless access to Wikipedia
  • It has a sharper screen and more shades of grey in photos
  • Smaller and sleeker than Kindle 1
  • You can read on a single charge for up to 4 days with wireless on. Turn wireless off and read for up to 2 weeks
  • Kindle is completely ready to use right out of the box–no setup, no cables, no computer required
  • Dimensions: .36″ h x 5.30″ w x 8.00″ l, .64 pounds
  • $299

The Kindle DX, launched in May, 2009, was designed especially for newspapers and textbooks.  Here is how it differs from Kindle 2:

  • It has a much larger screen – almost twice the surface area of the Kindle 2
  • Stores up to 3,300 books – 1.9 GB more storage capacity
  • Keyboard takes up less space on the front of the Kindle
  • Makes reading newspapers more pleasurable
  • You can turn the DX sideways and get the wide view of your document
  • If you are a student, textbooks will be much cheaper and easier to transport
  • Kindle 2 targets people who read books, Kindle DX targets people who read textbooks and periodicals
  • The control buttons are all on the right side so no more unintentional page turning
  • Dimensions: .38″ h x 7.20″ w x 10.40″ l, 1.18 pounds
  • $489

For a recent article about the Kindle DX,read The New York Times “Putting the Kindle DX Through its Paces”.