We are trying to be grown-ups and eat healthily – leaving Hostess Twinkies to the memories of our youth – but occasionally we crave “comfort food”.  One healthy solution is organic peanut butter.  It is a great snack, and doesn’t have all the sugar contained in its non-organic cousin.  However, since it’s not loaded with all those chemicals and preservatives, it tends to separate into oil and peanut puree. Happily, this is remedied easily. Replace the lid on your peanut butter jar with one of these old-fashioned peanut butter stirrers – built right into the lid.  Whenever you want some peanut butter, just give it a stir.

Available at www.lehmans.com for $9.95

A delicious organic peanut butter that we discovered at Canyon Ranch is called Once Again Nut Butter and it is delicious!  They have many varieties, and the minimum order is a case for each kind.  They also sell nuts and a variety of honeys. To order smaller quantities, email them and ask for other retailers.  They are very helpful.  I did order 2 cases and have been giving jars away.

Cases of 12 16 oz. jars of the Original American Classic Crunchy and the Organic Peanut Butter Smooth with salt were $67 each.