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Appointment T.V.

If you are a J.K. Rowling fan, there is a chance you’ve read her mystery series (written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) with Cormoran Strike as the private investigator. The BBC has produced seven episodes that span the first three books. The episodes, called C.B.Strike, premiered in the U.S. last Friday, June 1 on Cinemax at 10PM.


While WE don’t have first hand experience, should YOU want a tattoo, go to the place the celebrities trust. Bang Bang is on Broome Street in NYC and you will join Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry as a proud recipient of a Bang Bang tattoo. Bang Bang’s advice? Do a lot of research when choosing your tattoo artist.



Record your moments of inspiration in the shower! Read on….

Coming soon – glass shower doors that act like tablets and will record anything written in the condensation and email it to you. Won’t that be fun! The doors were developed by Marriott Hotels’ Innovation Lab and if the beta doors are popular they will install them in all their hotels. Here is a demonstration video.


The Daily Overview was inspired by the sensation astronauts experience when they view earth from outer space. It is the only way to appreciate the planet we inhabit, its beauty and the impact (for better or worse) humans have had upon it. The Overviews are images, primarily of places and moments where human activity has shaped the landscape. Their Instagram feed is amazing.

Old school? There is a wonderful book by the same author, Overview: A New Perspective of Earth, $22.