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The Morgan Library and Museum’s exhibit Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak’s Designs for Opera and Ballet closes October 6th. Maurice Sendak was one of those children’s book authors that grown-ups loved as much as the kids.  For me he joined the esteemed ranks of A.A. Milne and Dr. Seuss.

Sendak had a second career of designing sets and costumes for opera and ballet and this is the focus of the exhibit.  It’s only up until October 6th and is worth a visit if you are a Sendak fan.


Indiebound is “a community of independent local bookstores”, specifically a collaboration between independent bookstores and the American Booksellers Association.  Independent bookstores are very important to their local communities and competition from Amazon has made many of them close their doors.  Support is welcome from any source, and IndieBound provides readers with curated reading lists from independent booksellers, as well as newly discovered writers and buying options.  Through IndieBound, readers can link directly to local booksellers.   Karah Preiss, a co-founder of Belletrist, says that IndieBound is the network of independent bookstores in the U.S.  She says ‘I always encourage people to buy books through IndieBound instead of Amazon if they can’.

Tieks is a flat shoe made from Italian leather that can fold and fit in a purse.  Highly recommended by ASE reader Amelia, the shoe has a split-sole and flexible midsole.  It molds to the foot and flexes as it is worn. The back is cushioned instead of elasticized so it is never too tight or too loose.  It has thick non-skid rubber outsoles and comes in 60 prints and solids. Prices start at $175 a pair.

For more comfortable shoes, check out this ASE article.

The English Language & Usage Stack Exchange answers questions from linguists, etymologists, those obsessed with the English language and grammar cops like my mother. It is very useful if online thesauruses have let you down. Ask your question and English experts will respond immediately.  You can check the background of any user who answers your question to confirm that they know what they’re doing.

                               Image from the NYTimes

I have loved Anna Quindlen’s work since she wrote a column called “Life in the 30’s”.  I have grown up with her.  Her new book, Nanaville, is a collection of essays on her what she calls, “Adventures in grandparenting’.  She is funny, insightful – and useful.  She learns to accept the following about being a grandmother after she falls as deeply in love with her grandchildren as she did her own children: “Where I once led, I have to learn to follow.” Eventually a close friend provides words to live by: “Did they ask you?”  Goodreads 4.10     NYTimes Review.   Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting.


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