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This is the story of Earth. Astronauts tell the story from their perspective on our planet Earth as itself and as part of the rest of our larger, mostly unknown universe. One Strange Rock is narrated by Will Smith.  Download free episodes from National Geographic or watch on Monday nights at 10PM.


Should you need a reason to go to London….

After the death of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), her husband locked all her personal effects in her Mexico City bathroom and stipulated that they remain sealed for 15 years after his death. Her personal effects remained there for over 50 years. Now those objects belonging to Frida Kahlo, over 200 items, are being exhibited at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum from June 16th – November 4th. The show is called “Making Herself Up” and has her hand-painted corsets, Tehuana skirts, pre-Columbian jewelry, letters, self-portraits and photographs of her by Nickolas Muray.


Allbirds’ wool running shoes are everywhere. A wildly successful 2016 shoe startup that uses only natural raw materials, Allbirds has recently debuted its new non-wool shoes made from Eucalyptus fiber. The shoes hit the stores in time for the summer months. They will be cooler to wear in hot weather than the all wool sneakers. The eucalyptus fibers are spun into a loosely woven fabric that feels like soft yarn. The Tree shoes come as Runners, Skippers or Loungers. All styles are $95.00 each pair.

Men’s Trees

Women’s Trees


Modern Picnic is a 2018 startup with the mission to provide working women a chic lunchbox. The founders are recent college graduates who moved to New York City to begin their first jobs. They wanted to bring lunch to work every day but couldn’t find a suitable carrier. The Luncher comes in three colors and is $149.00. It is made from high quality vegan leather, is expertly designed with an insulated interior.