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HBO’s “Come Inside My Mind” documentary about Robin Williams was released about four weeks ago and it is a must-see. I adored Williams’ first TV comedy Mork & Mindy and followed everything he did afterwards. He was impish, unpredictable, brilliant, inventive and irrepressible. This documentary does a wonderful job of exploring all those traits. The film leaves us missing him even more than we already do.



NPR’s Swan Songs is a list of NPR listeners’ top 100 choices for a final song to be played at their funeral. They are songs that listeners felt defined their life and how they want to be remembered. The list can also be used to tell a life in songs. I made my husband listen to all 100 songs. It’s a beautifully diverse playlist. What’s your swan song?

Bunny Eyez readers let you adjust their angles at the temples. They bend down like opera glasses and tilt forward at 45 and 90 degrees. There are 5 styles and 20 colors. They were created by two sisters whose mother’s name was Bunny. The idea came to them when they were getting their hair colored and were unable to wear their reading glasses at the same time. The glasses can be worn the usual way, or flipped so they are not in the way, flipped to read a recipe while cooking, or tilted while making a speech or giving a presentation, to maintain eye contact with your audience yet see your notes. $27.00 a pair.

Check out Roséwave Music from NPR!

Rosé wine is identified with summer. Last June, 2017, NPR Music identified Roséwave as “a lifestyle that deserved it’s own soundtrack”. Check out NPR’s 2018 list of 101 Roséwave songs – your summer soundtrack.

See ASE’s Rosé wine comparison to find one you like.








Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear by Kim Brooks is the book chosen specifically for ASE readers by Belletrist. Belletrist is a book website that features a selected book and a favorite independent bookstore every month. Kim Brooks is a fiction writer and essayist. She leaves her 4 year old in the car alone while running an errand and is reported to the police (the child was fine). She encounters unexpected repercussions. This is a look at why parenting in the U.S. is riddled with fear.