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*This article has been updated for accuracy, September 2016

We’ve written about the local farm CSAs (community supported agriculture) that are so important in supporting farms and making their fresh produce accessible to the public.  Like CSAs, CSArts are designed to bring local art producers together with local art consumers.

The basic concept is sustaining the arts and artists during seasonal or ‘off’ times, then sharing in what the artists produce.  CSArts are happening all over the country – in Cambridge, MA, Oakland, CA, Nashville, TN, Middletown, NY, Denver, CO and Detroit, MI to name only a handful.   CSArt will continue to grow as a movement.  Rather than tomatoes or kohlrabi, the consumer is receiving works of art or tickets for a certain number of regional theater or musical performances in return for their earlier support.

In Cambridge, MA the shareholders receive three boxes containing three original works of art at ‘Harvest” parties scheduled throughout the year. In Highland Lake, NY a contemporary performance, film, music and art theater sells shares in the theater at the start of each season, and the shareholders reap the benefits of their investments during the performance season.  CSArts can take many forms, but the bottom line is supporting the local artistic community and sharing in the results.

Encourage your local community to create a CSArt program!

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