Every woman should have ten wardrobe basics.  These staples are the foundation from which you build.  They are reliable and maybe a little boring – but they are classic. You should feel great in every piece. They are the canvas onto which the layers of color and style are applied.

  1. The little black dress.  It should be simple and flattering.   You can accessorize a million ways and it will look different every time you wear it.
  2. A classic white men’s shirt.  Certainly practical, this shirt can be dressed up or down.  Make sure that it is flattering and tailored.
  3. Classic trench coat.  This coat can be worn in any kind of weather and goes with any outfit.
  4. A great sweater.  This should be cashmere.  It can be a cardigan or turtleneck.  Either sweater can be worn with dressy or casual outfits.  Pick a color and shape that are flattering.
  5. A pair of jeans.  These do not need to be blue.  White, black or blue jeans all work.  A good pair of jeans can be dressed up to go out for dinner or dressed down to go to a football game or walk the dog.
  6. Dress pants.  These should be tailored in a flattering style and shape.  Choose a neutral color.  Black, grey, blue, brown or camel all work.
  7. A great skirt can be professional or flirty.  A-line is usually a safe bet, in either a solid or a print.
  8. A fitted jacket that works with your dress pants and skirt, as well as your jeans.  This is a very versatile article of clothing and one you will reach for over and over.
  9. A pair of flats or pumps.  They should be comfortable and go with everything.  They should be able to take you to a business lunch, an anniversary dinner, and a school conference.
  10. A great bag.  It should hold everything you need, but shouldn’t look like an airplane carry-on.  It should be in between fancy and casual and always fit the bill without a lot of thought.