*This article has been updated for accuracy, August 2020

Like other kitchen staples, olive oil and vinegar to name two, salt is going black tie.

There are many flavored, herb infused and spice tinged salts on the market now, and they are delicious!  Why use flavored sea salts?  They enhance flavor, they’re natural, hand-harvested, and great looking, so your presentation is better.

Soy salt is a product from a 254 year-old family-owned Japanese soy sauce brewery called the Kamebishi Company.   The soy salt is made from slowly fermented, handmade soy sauce.  The idea of turning the liquid into flakes was encouraged by Japanese chefs so the company took the plunge.  The result is light, flaky, and full of flavor. KameBishi three years brewed soy sauce 2.82 ounces

soy salt flakes


In addition to Kamebishi soy salt, At The Meadow has a wide variety of other salts.

From Salt Traders you can buy everything from animal licks and porcini salt, to the highly recommended smoked salt.  You can buy blended salts, and assortments. You can buy in bulk.  The selections are fun to browse. Their towers of a variety of tastes make great gifts.

salt tower

The Spice House sells a variety of salts.  They also have recipes to make your own blended salts, which are fantastic.  The recipe for “Incredible Seasoning Salt” for example, is shared by a cook whose father found it in the 1970’s.

unique flavors

Beautiful pink Himalayan crystal salt for cooking and food presentation comes in fine or coarse grain and blocks like this picture.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Sitka Spruce Tip Flake Sea Salt

The Sitka Spruce tree is found in the Coastal Forests of Pacific Northwest. The tips have been used for syrups, jam, and beer. Try these salt flakes with seafood, chicken and popcorn for citrus and herbal taste. $14.00 for 4 oz.

Sitka Spruce Tip flake salt


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cooking with salt