Reviewing online candy

If you’re going to splurge, it may as well be on the best. Here are tried and true candy websites. You can imagine how much fun we had reviewing online candy for this article! For more information or to purchase, click on the name of the store.


Mother Myrick’s Confectionery ~ The Lemon LuLu Cake is unbelievable.  Also, try the butter crunch, caramels, and chocolates.

Schwartz Chocolates ~ The best chocolate covered marshmallows – our favorites have caramel at the bottom. The red and white checkered box makes a great gift.

Woodhouse Chocolate in Napa Valley – Delectable chocolate covered caramels with salt.

Fran’s in Seattle ~ These wonderful “gold” chocolate bars were an early feature at Starbucks. Don’t miss the thin mint cookies, truffles, and THE most mouth watering caramel selection.

See’s – The bridge mix is our absolute favorite, followed closely by the chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and café latte lollipops that satisfy the cravings for not too many calories.

See’s makes it easy to avoid spit backs – put together a custom assortment of your favorites.

Poco Dolce Toffee ~ These squares are covered in dark chocolate with crisp burnt caramel inside. Delicious and elegant.

Vosages Haut Chocolat ~ This truffle maker also makes two wonderful caramel concoctions. The homemade caramel marshmallows are topped with caramel, covered in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with toffee bits. The Organic Wink of the Rabbit caramels are soft and chewy with pecan bits covered in chocolate.

reviewing online candy

Pfaelzer ~ Not quite in the candy category, but definitely sweet – these chocolate covered ice cream truffles make a great gift $76.00 a box of 12.

Enstrom’s ~ This is delicious toffee, maybe the best we’ve had. Great as gifts.

Godiva’s caramel collection is delicious!

Fleur de Sel Caramels ~ These are SO good! Small, delicate, a wonderful pairing of sea salt and caramel.

Little Flower Candy Company ~ Offers two kinds of caramels – sea salt or vanilla. A very special treat.

Candy in every bowl….

Candy Depot has all kinds of candy – including Christmas.  Buy by the pound -jelly beans, sour candy, Mike & Ike’s, Tootsie Rolls, red hots etc.

Yummies ~ This is a wonderful candy store and website from Kittery, Maine. They offer a huge selection of hand packed nuts and candy at good prices. They sell their own homemade fudge and lots of sugar free candy.

Candy Warehouse ~ Buy candy in bulk and save money. We buy 5 lb bags of the starlight peppermints to have in bowls over Christmas. There is a minimum $15.00 order.

Prefer reading about candy to eating it?

Candy Blog – for candy lovers! Read reviews and discoveries of candy from all over the world. Sweet!

Make your own?

Should you be seized by homemade mania, this candy cookbook has received excellent reviews:  Who Wants Candy? By Jane Sharrock. $13.57.