entertainment for car trips

This is the sequel to Part 1 of Apps and websites for long car trips.   We’ve researched ways to have lots of fun and help the time in the car pass quickly on long road trips.  We hope these ideas are helpful!

Fun and Games:

When it comes to road trip games, the best ones are those you can play together, without equipment of any kind. The games we all played as kids are still going strong.  Remember I Spy, 20 Questions, Scavenger Hunt, Alphabet, Song Pass-Along and the License Plate games?

If your kids can look at something inside a moving car without getting queasy, there are many versions of Car Bingo.  Also check out Pinterest for many other ideas.

If the kids are set on playing games on their mobile devices, you can find loads of excellent games from these two articles:

This article provides their five best Android mobile multi-player road trip games.

This article provides the best iPhone games.

Tunes and more…

OK Go, an American alternative rock band, recently held a contest for the best road trip music playlists.  Check out the site for their favorite playlist and to see all the other suggestions.  There are some great tunes recommended!

My husband and daughter chose TED Talks they thought sounded interesting and listened to many of those as they drove across country.  Our daughter downloaded the audio of each talk on her iPod.  See our article about TED Talks.

NPR can be a wonderful travel amusement.  If you are organized, go to this NPR Road Trip site to get the NPR station locations along your route.

If you can’t plan ahead, download this NPR Station Finder free app on your Android.

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