Summer is a busy time for the arts in many venues. Recently, the artMRKT Hamptons was host to 40 leading galleries from across the USA who gathered to exhibit works of modern and contemporary art. In a lovely boutique setting in Bridgehampton on the grounds of the local historical society, visitors were treated to representative works of painting, sculpture, drawings, photography, video and conceptual installations.

The opening night was a benefit for the Parrish Art Museum and the three successive days allowed all guests to browse and contemplate the many diverse entries.

One of the wonderful things about an art fair experience is that you can see so many works in a short period of time since the galleries are in contiguous temporary spaces that lend themselves to both detailed and casual observation. From the new art advocate to the seasoned initiate there was something for everybody in this show.


From this plastic sculpture of “The Death of Venus”  by Roger Reutmann with its high gloss and skeletal face  to the  three dimensional version of a tidal wave, there was  one surprise after another.  Empty paint tubes and well –used brushes adorned this large canvas in oil from Hamptons Gallery.


One of my favorites was a work of oil on aluminum by Lynn McCarty, a technique that I had not seen before. The luminescence of the colors was cheerful and bold.

Lynn-McCartyFrom the abstract to the depths of realism, this show had something for everyone from the sophisticated collector to the first time family purchase.


Watercolor by the Three Sisters


I am a frequent visitor to art fairs and find the experience always a joy and enlightening. This immersion in the visual world of creativity for a few hours is fulfilling, educational and an inspiration for all.  I hope that summer vacations bring many of these fairs across the USA as commercial vendors ban together to market their wares.

In this field of modern and contemporary art, the sophisticated buyer can check prior auction results on for valuation and pricing.  Issues of authenticity, connoisseurship and provenance are not relevant with the purchase of new works by emerging artists. What you see is what you get, and each buyer can choose the works that delight his or her taste and pocketbook.

If you are interested, Google artMRKT for next year’s dates! !