Fix that Thing!

What is Sugru?  It is a new moldable glue that has every DIYer dancing a jig.  We don’t usually review hardware store items, but this one struck my fancy because not only is the story interesting, but the product seems to be amazing.

It was recently developed by an Irish woman in her early 30s with a fine arts degree who liked to play with clay and products for sculpting, including sealants.  She began to use her experiments at home to fix things, improve grips and stop leaks.  Her boyfriend, now husband, encouraged her to develop and market her best invention, and the rest is history.  Her annual sales in 2010 were $250,000.  In 2015 the annual sales were over $5.5 million with 2016 sales expected to top $10 million and be over $60 million by 2020.


The great things about Sugru:

  • It bonds to almost any material (wood, glass, metals, ceramics)
  • It is waterproof
  • It is heat-resistant
  • It dries to a silicone rubbery finish in 24 hours
  • It is moldable (feels like Play-Doh)
  • It won’t melt, freeze, soften or harden
  • It can go in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • It can be removed with a sharp knife if you make a mistake after it’s ‘cooked’
  • It is soft to the touch and improves grips
  • It comes in five colors: white, black, red, blue and yellow

Here are some ways it’s been used:

  • Fixing frayed cords (see photo)
  • Repairing the grips on handles
  • As ‘feet’ for computers, laptops and other devices
  • Repairing any broken ceramic – and because it can be used as a filler, any missing piece won’t matter
  • Stopping leaks
  • Repairing dishwasher or refrigerator shelves (see photo below)
  • Fix broken toys
  • Protect and cushion items like cameras and cell phones if they are dropped
  • Great for patching and filling in – missing a switch on your blender?  Have a hole in a shoe or your favorite watering can?  Sat on your sunglasses and they broke in half? Sugru can handle all those mishaps.





Negatives about Sugru:

  • The primary negative is that Sugru has about a 13-month shelf life, unopened.
  • Once a packet is opened it must be used in 24 hours. One consumer advised saving little tasks until you have more than one thing to fix so you can use most of the package.
  • One user said the colors (red, blue & yellow) left a residue and advised users to work on wax paper.

A package with all five colors is $22.00.