College students help high school students get to college.

Thank goodness there are college students who choose to help other people – along with all that studying and drinking beer.  They teach what they know – how to take the SAT’s and apply to college.

Talented students from low income families face a tough challenge when they begin the college hunt.  LGR reports that the average ratio of students to college guidance counselors in America’s urban high schools is 470:1.

Let’s Get Ready recruits volunteer college students to serve as coaches to under-served high school students.  The coaches help with SAT preparation and all aspects of the college application process.  Currently, over 2,000 students are working with volunteer college coaches.

In 2009, Let’s Get Ready (LGR) served 2,109 students with 850 volunteer college students.  This year, they hope to serve over 2,300 students with 900 volunteers.  Students can be matched with a coach from LGR as early as sophomore year.  It works. Over 90% of the high school students involved in the program go to college.

Let’s Get Ready was founded in 1998 by a young, Harvard undergraduate. In 2000 it received funding from the College Board.  It meets a real need and it gives college students a chance to help other people.  Everybody wins.