Stepping out shoes

Walk tall in a pair of custom kicks from some of your favorite brands. Make your feet happy with shoes that showcase your individual style. They also make great gifts—design a pair for the fashion-minded on your gift list this year.

Hint: While the temptation is to ‘go wild’ (and you should), these are also an opportunity to choose the most comfortable shoes for your feet and design them in a neutral hue that’s acceptable on stylish streets from Paris to Palm Beach, while allowing you to walk all day in comfort!  After I finish designing a few pairs in varying shades of neon, I may design a pair in charcoal gray – designed NOT to draw attention.

Converse offers a range of shoes to which you can add colors and patterns.  I like the Chuck Taylor All-Star light.  My design was $75 and delivery is promised in less than three weeks.

Adidas offers lots of shoe styles and colors and delivers in three to four weeks.  From $105.00, depending on your design choices.

Nike calls their custom shoes NikeiD.  Delivery takes four weeks and Nike members can return them at no-cost if a design did not work.  About $175, depending on your design choices.

Vans come in styles with more of a Saturday morning vibe than an “I’ll meet you at the gym” look.  You begin with either a white or black shoe in several styles.  My design is $65 and delivery time is 5 to 7 weeks.

Reebok and New Balance also offer customization if they are your favorites.

Custom pumps, ballet flats and sandals will brighten up a special event (hint—think weddings and bachelorette parties!).  I have not actually ordered from these two sources, but they look like fun.


Shoe Design Studio.  Based in Singapore, this company gives you choices of shoe style, color and fabric – or you can draw the shoe of your dreams and they will make it.   My design would cost about $225 US, plus $15 to ship to the US (I went wild to show you the possibilities).

Shoes of Prey is based in Sydney, Australia and besides having a great name, it offers a variety of styles and pricing.

$140 to $330 depending on your design.  Shipping is free.  They ship in about four weeks from their company in Sydney, Australia.

Custom Smoking Slippers

Stubbs and Wooten, in Palm Beach, is practically synonymous with the slipper shoe. You can design your own pair in velvet or linen from among many styles, colors, monogram designs and motifs.  Delivery can take up to 12 weeks.  Velvet slippers with a monogram are $900.  Linen with a starfish are $475.

Eliza B. offers a chance to put your initials on a stylish ballet slipper.  You choose the colors for the shoe and the trim.  Select a sole style. Then add your initials. $130.

Are you curious about the difference between…. Bespoke, Made-to-order and Custom?

Made-to-order and Custom are customizations of an existing product. The customer chooses among existing styles and selects the color, materials, and details.

Bespoke is when an item is made from scratch to a buyer’s specification. Measurements are taken and a pattern is cut and personalized.  Now you know!