Here’s a way to be dressed up but comfortable!  Dressy sneakers.  They are funky, fun and very practical.  Come on, you know you love them.  These sneakers go with anything, and can dress up a great pair of jeans, or make a pair of black pants funkier.  You can even shock the gals in spin class by wearing them as your work out shoes!

Marimekko and Converse have collaborated on a collection with fourteen eye-popping sneakers. They are fabulous! They come low, high and in various other Converse styles. They are $70.00

Love these high top silver metallic sneakers!  They are by Gotta Flurt and are $45.00.  They come in silver, gold or black.

Love these pink Gotta Flurt sneakers!    They are $23.95.

We love anything that can be customized!  You can customize any kind of Converse sneaker but we’re partial to the patent leather.  Starts at $70.00.