Try new taste treats this summer!

Summer is a travel, beach and car season which means that snacks come in handy.  All of these snacks have been well reviewed. Most are healthy, a few are not particularly healthy but they are worth the calories!

Snacks for Summer - California Crisps

Don’t these California Crisps look delicious?  They are dehydrated fruit slices that are dried until they are crisp and have tuned into fruit chips. The flavors are blood orange, orange, mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, apple, tomato, persimmon, strawberry and pear.  Each snack pouch is .3 oz. and contains about 5 crisps.  A five pouch snackpack is $4.99.

Snacks for the summer - Hammonds Cashew Brittle

Hammond’s candies make these brittle crisps that come in 9 oz. bags.  There are six flavors to choose from.  My favorites are Original Peanut Brittle, Sea Salt & Caramel Drizzle and Cashew Brittle.  They are $5.95 a bag and delicious.

Snacks for Summer - Hammonds Popcorn

Hammond’s also makes old-fashioned popcorn in seven varieties.  A single bag is $6.50 and a set of three bags is $18.95.

Snacks for the Summer - Firehook crackersThese Firehook Mediterranean Baked Crackers have no preservatives or trans fats. They come in fifteen different flavors. My favorites are sea salt, garlic thyme and rosemary sea salt.  $5.89 for a 7 oz. box.

Snacks for the Summer - Lillie Q Kettle ChipsLillie’s Q Kettle Chips are so popular that most flavors are temporarily sold out online.  They are sold in many stores, however, so put your zip code into Store Locator,, and you’ll find them.  A 2.25 oz. bag  is $2.50.  The chips come in the following flavors –  Original, Pimiento Cheese, Carolina Dirt BBQ, Hot Pepper Vinegar and Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

Snacks for the Summer - salamiThis is a large 3 lb. Tuscan style salami. It is made from minced beef and pork with spices and garlic.  It is great to snack on because it’s healthy and filling. $51.05 for the 3 lbs.

Snacks for Summer - Jimtown olive spread

This sweet and savory spread would be delicious on the Firehook baked crackers.  It combines Kalamata olives and dried mission figs into a wonderful tapenade.  It has a little rosemary, Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar.  It can be used as a spread, or to accompany any type of pork, like the salami above.  A set of four 7oz. containers is $28.00.

Snacks for Summer - Freeze dried crunchiesCrunchies freeze-dried fruit snacks come in six varieties –  strawberry-bananas, raspberries, tropical fruit, pineapple, strawberries,  cinnamon apple and mango. They are gluten-free, have no preservatives, sugar or additives.  Each pouch is 1.5 oz.  $13.00

Snacks for Summer - Back to NatureBack to Nature Grab & Go snacks come in savory and sweet varieties.  They come in 1 oz. bags and a pack of 8 is under $5.00.

Snacks for Summer - Q sparkling drinks

You’ll need something to wash all these snacks down with.  Q makes delicious carbonated drinks.  Q Ginger Beer comes in a glass bottle.  It is delicious alone, with a little lime juice added, or mixed with vodka, lime juice and a sprig of mint for a Moscow Mule.  The Q Sparkling Grapefruit and orange sodas are very refreshing and come in slim 12 oz. cans.  A pack of 12 is $17.30.

Snacks for the Summer - Newman's Own fig barsNewman’s Own Fat Free Fig Newmans are delicious, fat free and loaded with fruit. They are made with organic California figs, organic sugar and flour and without hydrogenated oils.  Two packs of 10 oz. Fig Newmans packages is $11.49.

Snacks for Summer - Norka sparkling drinks

Another thirst quencher is Norka, a cane sugar-based sparkling drink that in the craft fizzy drink category. It is made in Akron, Ohio, hence the name Norka (Akron spelled backwards).  They are caffeine-free and come in 12 oz. glass bottles.  There are the following flavors – orange, root beer, cherry-strawberry and ginger ale.  A 12 bottle variety pack is $23.97.

Need some more ideas? Here are some new favorites,

Ideas for Summer Snacks