Nothing makes me happier than seeing a candy buffet at a party I’m attending.  It can be a dinner party or a wedding reception, I’m not picky.  It’s easy to set up a candy buffet and worth the effort!

Since most candy buffets are for large parties, let’s assume we have 25 guests.  Here’s how to put one together:

Choose the theme and the colors you want.  For example, if it’s a baby shower and you know the gender of the baby, you’ll want pink/white or blue/white.  If it’s a wedding reception, use the colors the bride chose for her wedding.

Choose your candy.  It’s good to vary your candy types.  Have some chocolate, gummy candy, and hard candy like pretty lollipops or peppermint sticks/mints. You can buy loose candy sold in bulk by the pound.  There is also individually packaged candy, one for each guest.  There is designer candy, again one per guest.  It’s fun to use different containers, usually large glass jars.  The bulk candy will need scoops and little bags.  It’s fun for guests to help themselves. Consider the environment – will it be hot and humid?

Set up your buffet table before you order the candy to see how much space you have for each type.  Usually, candy buffets are set up on 6′ or 8′ buffet tables.  If you are doing a color coordinated candy buffet use clear glass jars.  Make sure the openings are large enough for a scoop if it’s bulk candy. It’s fun to have different heights on your table either by using different size containers or by making a back shelf on the table.

Decorate the table. Arrange a centerpiece. Individually wrapped candy, or designer candy is good to use for centerpieces. Add finishing decorative touches appropriate for your theme. Different heights and different glasses, jars and bowls add drama.  Consider labeling designer and individually wrapped candy.  Consider adding caramel popcorn or cupcakes to your centerpiece.  They add variety to the decorations.

Buy your candy.  Candy Warehouse recommends allowing 8 oz. of candy per guest.  Their candy is usually sold in 5 lb. bags which are 80 oz.  For 25 guests you would need 200 oz. of candy. Many candies can be bought and stored for up to six months.  Check with your supplier.


Cute Tape has party favor bags, paper straws and decorations.  Cute favor bags are also available at Just Party Supplies.


A.C.Moore has lots of craft supplies and decorations.

Candy Warehouse has a separate category for Candy Buffets.  They divide candy by color and occasion. They also sell scoops.

Sweet City Candy and Party City also sell bulk candy.

Candy Crate has retro candy for candy buffets.

For glass containers use clear glass vases and/or apothecary jars in varying shapes and sizes.  TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Walmart always have apothecary jars for good prices.


Candy scoops are available at Scoops-Scoops as well as candy boxes and bags.


Check out this blog for wonderful pictures of dessert and candy buffets.


Updated for accuracy April 2017