insulated food carrier

If you like to cook and want to make contributions to get-togethers to take pressure off your hosts, you offer to bring something, right?  You make your favorite scrumptious whatever and usually it has special needs – can’t be tipped, should stay warm, no jiggling, whatever.  The thorny question arises of how to transport it.  I have carried many dishes on my lap praying they wouldn’t slop all over my party clothes.  Here are some insulated food totes and containers we think are very useful for transporting cooked food.This is a double-decker double-duty food carrier.  The bottom is thermal insulated to keep your casseroles hot.  The upper compartment is leak-proof so good for liquids, dips etc.  $40.99.portable food carrier

Nothing fills my heart with joy more than my Cupcake Courier.  I adore cupcakes and love nothing better than to bake a couple batches to take over to a friend’s house.  This Cupcake Courier holds thirty-six cupcakes in three tiers. $38.99.portable cupcake carriers

This is a great food carrier set because the Pyrex baking dish can go from the freezer to the oven and right into this red carrier with a hot/cold unipack.  You can make your dish ahead at your convenience then reheat and off you go. The snap-on lid seals tight. $32.98.

This cooler bag is good for liquids like soups or sodas.  It has a reinforced bottom and is sealed and insulated.Beverage Carrier

This cooler tote is great for carrying hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, any foods you need to keep cool.  It is waterproof and padded.  15” x 20”.

Large Insulated Cooler

Pop your pie out of the oven and right into this Pyrex portable pie carrier with an easy locking lid.  The 9” pie plate comes with the carrier.

Do you have a favorite carrier? Let us know so that we can share with other readers and stay clean on our trips!

*This article has been updated in 2017 for accuracy