saving kids artwork digitally

Maximum Joy – Minimum Storage

How to preserve the love from children’s artistic creations, minimize storage and avoid guilt? Digitize the treasures, store the images and let the originals go. Pictures in deep storage are no fun. Digital images are easy to enjoy and they do not fade, tear, yellow or break.

We are in the process of de-accessioning, cleaning out closets and generally ‘lightening up’ the stuff we take with us through life. Old clothes, sports equipment and even some books are easy to let go. A tougher category is art created lovingly by our children. I have a mouse created from toothpicks, collages from nursery school, watercolors from 7th grade and oil paintings from high school – and our grandchildren are going into production. These works of art exude love, but all together they take up a lot of space. Realistically, we don’t take them out and enjoy them very often. Here is a plan.

Sort the art into four piles:

filing kids art

keep kids artwork digitally

Keep your favorite treasures in frames or out on shelves.

save kids artwork in framesSimple white wood picture frames come five sizes. 8” x 10” frame for $10.99. 11” x 14” frame with a mat for an 8” x 10” image for $16.99.

I try to avoid clutter, so I store the most treasured artwork and bring it out for an in-house gallery when the family gathers at holidays. Store these carefully.

Save kids artwork storage               This classic red art storage portfolio is 17” x 22” for $10.99.

saving kids artwork, sculpture

This frosted clear art storage box will keep clay and toothpick creations safe. 6” x 5.5” x 13″ for $11.95.

Save Good kids artorkCapture the paintings and drawings by scanning or photographing them. You can store the images in Drop Box or in the cloud. Then, ‘let go’ of the originals. will organize and store images of your children’s art for easy enjoyment. Their mission is “for now. for later. for ever”. Keepy is a free app which allows you to take a picture of your child’s artwork, have them record a description or message, save it on the Keepy website, share it with chosen family and friends. Fans of your child can record their own messages when they view an artwork. Download the app on your phone. It offers plans with various levels of storage.

Try a limited, basic plan for free, or pay $5.49/month or $9.99/year.

Keepy, save kids artwork digitally

Putting images of your children’s art on a digital picture frame makes it easy to display. Nixplay 10” Digital Photo Frame comes in blue, black, mango and mulberry. $169.

Let grown-up kids save their own artwork

One way to ‘Let Go’ of children’s art is to return the originals it to the artists when they are grown up.

Before you ‘let go’ of original art, there are ways to convert it into items you will treasure every day.

Original children’s art can be transformed into a custom stuffed animal by Crayola Imaginables.

Save kids artwork, Crayola Imaginables

Send Crayola a photo of the artwork. A team of designers and seamstresses will create a custom ‘plushie’ (stuffed animal) from your image. Your ‘plushie’ will arrive in four weeks for $99.

Save kids artwork making wrapping paper

Check out this ASE article for apps which turn children’s art into wrapping paper, postage stamps, personalized totes, placemats, wallpaper, pillows, custom textiles, books and 3D figurines. Note: I think the 4” 3D figurines might make fun Christmas ornaments.

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