Pregnancy apps for dads

Like wedding websites and apps, pregnancy websites and apps are having a moment.  Being pregnant is a totally absorbing time in a woman’s life and now we have the internet to give us all the information we want, and sometimes more than we want!  I reached out to a couple of ASE readers who have recently had babies to guide me in my research and they were very helpful. Thank you Annie T. and Hannah L.!


BabyCenter has lots of information on just about everything to do with pregnancy and babies.  There is a Baby Names Finder where you can type in a name to see its popularity and meaning.  There is an ovulation calculator, a product review section and baby safety information.    ASE subscriber Annie T. says “it is the website where you can sign up for weekly emails that tell you things like “your baby is growing finger nails!” It also has baby shower ideas and lots of information about life after the baby is born. ASE reader Hannah L. comments that the “Is it safe?” section can sometimes lead to panic and false alarms.  The site is not authored or monitored by medical professionals, so when you ask a question about the safety of anything you will receive a cautionary response.

Annie recommended a popular blog that she says is the mother of all mom-blogs, once the baby arrives – A Cup of Jo is a sister site of The Knot (go-to for all things wedding).  Hannah L says it is more a fun tool than an actual source of serious information. You can sign up to get emails every week about what’s going on with fetal development, the size of the baby as compared to a fruit –  “Your baby is now the size of a kumquat” for example, baby names, pregnancy myths, etc. Hannah says it’s more of a “girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy.”

What to Expect is a website that is all encompassing.  It is overflowing with lots of great information from conception through toddlerhood.  It’s a quick, easy reference to what is going on with you and baby, week by week.  There is also an app for on-the-go reference. is great for serious medical inquiries. It is legitimate and provides reviewed and credible information that parents need sometimes – especially to get more information on a diagnosis or potential complication. Hannah L. says “It doesn’t tend toward the dramatic, which is helpful”.

Popular Apps:

Before you even get pregnant there is the Period Tracker which is free for the iPhone and Android.  It tracks your period and ovulation cycles every month.  Enter the start and end dates for your period and this app will log and calculate the average period start date over the course of three months to predict the start date for future periods, ovulation days and fertile days.

For Android

For iPhone

Pregnancy +[Health and Parenting ltd] gave Hannah L. all the fetal info week by week, and a convenient timeline that showed when she would have which tests, dates when trimesters started/stopped, countdown to due date and – eventually – a contraction timer that her husband was able to use. It also gave pictures (sometimes computer generated, sometimes ultrasounds) to let her know what the baby looked like. The app is free.

For Android & iPhone

BabyBump Pregnancy is free for Android and iPhone.  It counts down the number of days left until your due date and tells you what symptoms you might be having, might have in the future and when. The app is free.

For Android & iPhone

Pregnancy/Sprout is free for the iPhone and has full screen, 3D interactives of how the fetus – its organs, limbs and facial features – develops from week to week. The app is free.

For Android & iPhone

Peaceful Nursery is $0.99 for the iPhone and Android.  It is an eco-friendly shopping list for the nursery.  It provides suggestions for organic crib mattresses, organic cotton crib sheets and lots more.  There are also tips on how to have a healthy home environment.

For Android and iPhone

BabyBag is free for the iPhone.  It provides a checklist for what to pack in your hospital bag.  It lets users create several customized packing lists for you, your significant other and your baby.

For iPhone

My Pregnancy Today is a very popular app.  It is free for the Android.  It has week by week fetal development, explanations for how your pregnant body will change over time, a due date calculator and the “Check List”. The Check List gives week by week suggestions for how to stay healthy and prepare for labor.

For Android

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant offers lists of all the foods pregnant women should avoid, and breaks them down into eight categories. It then breaks the foods down into preparation and what women should avoid.  For example, eggs – cooked eggs are safe for pregnant women to eat, but not under-cooked eggs. It is $0.99 for the iPhone.

For the iPhone

I’m Pregnant is free for Android.  It is an all-encompassing app like others mentioned, but also includes tips for healthy eating and fitness exercises for pregnant women.

For Android

mPregnancy (sub title is For Men With Pregnant Women) is $0.99 for iPhone is aimed at the dads as is Who’s Your Daddy which is $2.99 for the iPhone.  They offer a contraction counter and a timeline to-do list.

mPregnancy for iPhone

Who’s Your Daddy? For iPhone