Juniper Books

A bespoke book company

Thatcher Wine collected and sold rare books as a hobby. He saw a void in the book market and had an idea.  He founded Juniper Books, based in Boulder, CO which curates customized book collections for both private homes and commercial spaces. It also creates custom book covers. Most of his collections are spectacular and very creative. This is not your average books by the yard!

These are special purchases, and make wonderful gifts that will be kept forever. A gift of a curated book collection for someone who will appreciate it is thoughtful and special.  I think building a collection over time for a special child is also a wonderful gift.  We gave our godchildren one leather-bound classic a year until they had a very respectable collection.

While I will never suffer from too many bookshelves and not enough books, (I have the opposite problem) I think that if time is taken on any of our bookshelves to arrange the books properly, it draws people into a room both with a great look and with a connection to our interests.  Many people buy or make solid color dust jackets with self-printed labels for a certain selection of their books, which gives a very organized look to a bookshelf.

With Juniper Books you can design your own book collections.  Here is a sampling of ideas:

Create a Penguin Classics set.  The books are hardcover and are beautifully designed with colorful attractive bindings. The books range in price from $20.00 – $30.00 each, and there are fifty titles to choose from.


For the poetry lover in your life, give the Make Your Own Pocket Poets set, from $12.50. These are beautifully bound poetry volumes in attractive book jackets.  Each hardcover book is cloth bound and printed on acid-free, natural cream- colored paper with European-style half-round spines.  There are over 100 volumes to choose from.


Choose 10 literary classics from the 35 that are offered and create your book covers from the many colors offered. $425.00.



For a special gift for a child choose eight Puffin Classic books that are wrapped in colorful covers and grouped together with a customized band.  $165.00.



There are many ready-made sets like the Wizard of Oz set pictured below for $150.00.


Or the Sherlock Holmes set of six pocket-sized Sherlock Holmes books for $125.00.


Juniper Books has partnered with Library of America for many of its American author collections. For example, this American flag set contains eight books from the Library of America individually wrapped with covers that when put together create a design of a vintage American flag. $375.00.  By the way, if you don’t know about the Library of America, check it out! It is a non-profit organization that “publishes, preserves, and celebrates America’s greatest writing”.  I feel another article coming on.


Juniper also offers customized books that are bound in antique leather, modern leather or vellum.  Custom covers for oversized books, covers in solid colors, books curated by color or by subject, or have custom jackets that together form a picture are also available. No book project seems too much for them.


These curated book collections would make a great new home present, wedding present, or the solution for a person who is difficult to buy for.  Who wouldn’t want one of these collections of their favorite author with creative covers?


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