Gym bag packing list

I can think of many reasons not to go to the gym, and an easy one is not being able to find all my gym necessities.  Here is a checklist for a well-stocked gym bag.  Keep these things in your gym bag at all times so it is ready to grab and run. If you need to go on to work or an appointment then you will need more items, but these should be your basics.

  • Music and headphones – I have a Nano, but many people use their smart phones. These headphones are designed for workouts.    $29.99
    Packing-a-gym-bag packing list---ear-buds
  • Reading glasses
  • Hair elastic/stretchy headband & brush
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Travel-size shower products
  • Sneakers or cross trainers
  • Foldable flip flops for the shower.    $20.00
    Packing-a-gym-bag- packing list--Fold-Flops
  • Fitness tracker
  • Water bottle – bobble sport $11.99
    Packing-a-gym-bag packing list---Bobble-sport
  • Reading material

Keep one or more fully loaded gym bags in your car, office or home for that unexpected window of time to squeeze in a workout. Here are some highly recommended gym bags:

This Eagle Creek bag is both a small lightweight duffel and a backpack.  It is 11” x 22.5” x 7.5” and a durable day bag.  It has lockable zippers, a pack-in pocket for storage, and two exterior stretch side pockets.  It is machine washable. It comes in bright green, black and orange. $80.00.

Packing-a-gym-bag gym list---2-in-1-duffel

This Eagle Creek Packable Duffel come in blue, black and red. It is made of durable lightweight ripstop fabric.  It has a lockable main compartment and a pack-in pocket for storage.  It has a shoulder strap as well as grab handles.  There is a lifetime warranty. It is 22” x 12” x 11”.    $30.00.

Packing-a-gym-bag packing list---Packable-Duffel

This gym bag is called the No Matter What Duffel.  It is made of water repellant, abrasion-resistant fabric.  It has a roll and stash stuff pouch for compressed storage.  It has a removable shoulder strap and lockable zippers.  It comes in eight colors.  It is 24” x 12” x 11”.  $80.00.

Packing-a-gym-bag packing list ---No-Matter-What-blue-gym-bag

A dry shirt so that you can cool down and go get coffee without wearing the sweaty one is handy.

$65 at Patagonia in several colors.

gyn bag packing list dryshirtpatagonia  

Almonds or protein bar – in case you got carried away and did an extra 30 minutes on the elliptical and need some immediate healthy fuel.