Savvy travel packing tips

With the airlines charging for extra or heavy luggage, we all need to be as packing-savvy as possible.  Here are some tips that might help:

-Write a packing list.  If it’s a trip you make annually, laminate and file the list so you don’t have to repeat this step.

-Decide your color theme for the trip.

-Pick durable, wrinkle-resistant fabrics

-Will there be any laundry or dry-cleaning available where you’re going?

-Pick out outfits for each day and evening with accessories. This is a visual exercise:  imagine yourself dressing for the day or the event, and decide – what are you reaching for? Don’t forget the details like a camisole, belt, clutch etc.

-Lay out everything on the list. If it looks like too much, start editing.

-Try to mix and match as much as possible. Neutral colors make this easier.

-Pack articles of clothing that have multiple uses.  Bring a jacket you can use as outer-wear, as an extra layer, or as a way to dress up a pair of trousers at night. Bring a pashmina that you can use in the evening as a shawl, or during the day as a scarf.

-Take more tops than bottoms.  One pair of black pants and three tops equals three outfits

-Always bring a white T-shirt.  It goes with anything, and it can be worn under a suit, or on it’s own.

-Do NOT bring linen, anything pleated, hats, lots of shoes to wear only once, or anything you’re tempted to “toss in” just in case.  You won’t use it!

-Do use plastic dry cleaning bags to pack items that wrinkle.  Clothes wrinkle when fabric rubs against fabric.  Plastic bags keep fabrics separated.

-Be thoughtful about what to put into your carry-on.  Luggage is often lost or delayed these days, so make sure that anything you adore and can’t replace is in your hand baggage.

Remember, over packing is stressful!  Traveling light is liberating.

We’ve given you ideas on how to choose what you want to bring, here are some websites that may be helpful in how to actually pack your suitcase:

This is a great video with more packing ideas.

Bon Voyage!