How can you leave your pet out of holiday gift giving?  I love hanging stockings for our pets and the kids love including them.  You can also score a huge hit by giving a pet lover something special for their pet!

According to Better Homes & Gardens 63% of dog owners surveyed give their dogs Christmas presents and 58% of cat owners give their kitties presents.  I’m giving our Maxcat twice as many presents to make up for the lower statistic.

For dogs:

This all in one Small Santa Gift Tote for dogs has cheese treats, red tennis balls, a squeaky Santa toy and a bone toy all in a recycled jute tote.  One stop shopping!  $45.00.

Musher’s Secret was developed to protect sled dogs’ paws in snow, ice and salt.  It is made from natural waxes and vitamin E. For our precious pets, it not only protects their paws from winter, but sand and hot pavement as well.  $15.64 for 7 oz.

We love these lithographed Treat Tins.  They are filled with cheese bone shaped biscuits.  Each treat is 2” and made from all natural hypo-allergenic ingredients.  The tin is 7.5” tall x 4” round.  One tin is $18.00 and comes in silver or white.

Martha Stewart loves both dogs and cats.  She has a new pet line at PetSmart and we like these rope bone dog toys.  $5.99 for the 6” and  $6.99 for the 8”.  They come in red, white, blue or brown.

Put an end to the constant query “Where’s the leash?” These leash racks come in black or silver and are $22.00 each.

For cats:

Cats do love to explore dark interiors, so it makes sense that this cardboard cat teepee would be a hit.  $35.00.

Tired of recovering your upholstered furniture?  Try this cat scratcher and lounger all in one.  It is made from corrugated cardboard and is 35” long by 10.5” wide and 10.5 inches deep.  It can be reversed if one side wears out.  On sale for $49.95.

For both:

We love these leopard food and water bowls for cats and dogs.  For cats, the small ‘Food” and “Water” bowls hold 10 oz. and are $10.00 each.  For dogs, the “Food” and “Water” bowls are 48 oz. and are $26.00 each.

This canvas messenger bag is designed to keep the ‘on the go’ pet organized.  It can hang on the back of a car seat for easy access during car trips. $49.00.

Here is how we separate the truly pet obsessed from the mildly pet obsessed folks – Dog & Cat TV.  Dog TV is the first cable TV channel devoted to amusing ‘stay at home’ dogs (as opposed to?). It claims to “keep your dog happy and contained while you’re away”.  Sign up for a $9.99 a month subscription.

The best I could come up with for the under appreciated housecat is a website, not a full cable channel.  Choose from 6 critters and download the program.  Your critter of choice will move randomly around the screen with appropriate noises, amusing kitty while you’re away.

Finally, keep track of your pet with Tagg – The Pet Tracker which has gotten rave reviews.   It is a pet-tracking device that uses GPS and wireless technology to locate your pet anytime.  It fits right on your pet’s collar.  You will receive a text and email when your pet gets out, you can pinpoint your pet location on a map, or track and find your pet using your computer or mobile device. It is designed for pets over 10 lbs.  Three months of service are included in the kit.  $96.97.