The Winter Olympics start February 12th and we can’t wait!  One of us is actually going out to Vancouver and the other one will be watching as much on TV as she possibly can.

The most watched events are figure skating, downhill skiing, bobsledding, hockey, and the luge.

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As wonderful as these popular events are, we plan to mix it up a bit, and encourage you to watch those events we bet you can’t even explain.  We think this will expand your horizons, engage your brain cells, and impress your friends. We are sure you already know these events, but just in case, here is a look at some of the more unusual.

Take for example, the Skeleton.  Who knew that when we were sledding as kids, we were actually practicing a Winter Olympic sport?  Skeleton is running as fast as you can, then throwing yourself on top of your sled and whizzing down a twisty track.

The Biathlon: “Gun-toting skiers” is one description we’ve read and it’s totally accurate.  These competitors cross-country ski like mad, then stop to shoot a .22 caliber rifle from both prone and standing positions at intermittent shooting ranges.  Who thought up that combination?

We know you’ve seen Curling but can you actually explain it?  There are two teams with four players on each team.  The team members take turns pushing a 42 lb. stone towards the center of concentric circles. Did we mention that this is done on ice?  There are special ‘ice gripping’ shoes and the sweeping is done with brooms.  Once the stone is released, ‘sweeping’ is actually two team members rubbing the ice in front of the moving stone to control its speed and direction.  Unusual doesn’t begin to describe it, and it is old.  The recorded history of curling indicates that the game developed during the 16th century in Scotland, the Netherlands and possibly Belgium.

Did you know that only men can compete in the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined?  Hmmm……

The Winter Olympics continue until Sunday, February 28th.  Enjoy!