I’ve always loved mobiles.  From the colorful ones we dangle above babies to monumental suspended works of art, mobiles are very alluring. They can cheer up a room, fill in a corner or make a statement.  Here are some of our faves.

This Themis Mobile is 17” x 16”.  The five faceted paper ornaments hang from a thin metal frame.  $28.00.

I love Moon-Lily mobiles.  They are delicate but effective as an artistic accent in a room. I own these beautiful leaves.  $178.

If you have a child with a passion for a particular animal or ocean inhabitant, this website has a great selection.

Fish mobile is $109.50.

Entire animal selection at www.hangingmobilegallery.com.


Make a statement with this large mobile of planets.  It is 53” across by 17” tall by 7” deep.  The detailed planets replicate orbit paths of the solar system.  Each planet is made using traditional globe-making techniques. $85.00.

This mobile is called Tango and comes in red, yellow or blue.  It is made of plastic shapes and stainless steel rods.  It is 31” tall x 40” wide.  $132.

For a laugh whenever you see it, try this ‘mice with cheese’ mobile.  It’s divine!  It’s 16” x 20”.   $31.50.

You know what a crush I have on Jonathan Adler!  This ‘blue higgins’ mobile is wonderful.  It is made for Jonathan Adler by the Higgins Studio using their fused glass.  19.5” x 13.5” with a 10” drop. $495.