Lumberjacks are the Metrosexuals

Forget Metrosexuals, those slick-looking well-dressed young male urban professionals who got manicures.  Meet the new trend – Lumbersexuals.  That basically translates to flannel shirts, boots and beards making an appearance on the streets of urban centers.  A Metrosexual male wore slim-cut pants, a well-made cotton button-down shirt with a narrow solid color tie.  He looked snappy, tidy and certainly didn’t sport unruly beards gone wild. Think David Beckham.


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Replacing the Metrosexual are men who look like they want to spend their free time outdoors.  Backpacks have replaced manbags.  Lumbersexuals look like they are just dying to cut down a tree and then split the wood before they drag their woman by the hair to the campfire they just built.  The Lumbersexual ‘earthy’ style is being sported in every city from L.A. to New York and in between.  L.L. Bean, Carhartt and Woolrich are having a field day!  Lumbersexuals are putting animal heads on the walls of their man caves and drinking craft beer,  but are carrying an iPhone6 and a plaid yoga mat.  Think Luke from Gilmore Girls and Ben Affleck.  Get the picture?


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Could this be a reaction to 9 – 5 office jobs?  Or is it that outdoor fashion is very comfortable, wears well and if you buy it at L.L. Bean, has a lifetime guarantee? Maybe the environmental movement is finally having an impact on male fashion. Whatever the reason, start stocking up on wool hats to give the Lumbersexual on your holiday gift list.

Note:  A slightly toned down version of the Lumbersexual is the MetroJack.  Those men are wearing fashion inspired by the true outdoorsman but not quite as rugged.  He is a little less unkempt looking and if he sports any facial hair at all, it is carefully groomed.


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