Walk Score

The motto of this website is “Drive less. Live more”. The founders of Walk Score want to promote ‘walkable’ neighborhoods. They are encouraging us to help the environment, our health and the economy by living in neighborhoods that are conveniently located to the services we need. They evaluate transit systems, accessibility to local businesses, public art, green and open spaces, community gathering spots and more. Information comes from users’ reviews and pictures, positive and negative, as well as maps, lists of nearby amenities and quantitative scores.

In sum, the more things one can walk to, the higher the score for that neighborhood.

There are crowd-sourced neighborhood tours that are helpful for visitors wanting an interesting walk, or someone looking for a good neighborhood to move into. You might also learn more about your own neighborhood! Currently, New York City is ranked the #1 best walkability city and San Francisco is #2. There are over 2,500 cities and 10,000 neighborhoods currently ranked on the site.

Since the site depends on users’ contributions, not all of your neighborhood searches may have as much information as you’d like. This will improve over time as the site’s popularity grows.

There is a new free iPhone app.