Unique switch plate covers

I am very particular about my switch plates and outlet covers. I like them to either fade into the wall by having the same paint or wallpaper on them, or add character to the room with some personal style.  These unique switch plates and sources offer many options to the standard white ones that we see so often.

This Etsy shop, WallCakes, offers many decorative switch plates.  They make both single and double switch plates.  This blue and white chevron single plate is $12.00.chevron unique switchplate

I love John Derien’s designs.  He is famous for his decoupage home accessories and he has added switch plates and outlet covers to his line. The plates and covers are decoupage under glass that means they can be wiped clean.   Choose from shells, ferns, chintz patterns.  Show your sense of humor with this fabulous dark bug.  $92.00 each.

Unique Insect Switchplate

SwitchPlates.com has many designs to choose from, and they will customize hard to find sizes.

Fun switch plate

For custom sizes go to www.switchplates.com.Unique switch plate covers

We love this leopard print design. It has high gloss lacquer that protects it from water damage or scratching. The double plate is $11.95

unique switch plates

Design your own switch plate at Sassy Switches.  Send in your own artwork or photograph but nothing copyrighted.  Custom plates take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

sassy switch plates

My most favorite product is the Forbes & Lomax Invisible Switch.  It is inspired by the 1930s glass switches but with current materials.  It looks to be Lucite, easy to clean, and not at all distracting from the wall coverings. There are no visible screws.  As far as I can tell it is not yet available in the U.S. but I’m sure it will be.  For information go to www.forbesandlomax.com.

Clear switchplate

In the meantime, SwitchHits has clear glass switch plates.  These are very retro but I love them.  They make so much sense!  Why distract from the wall?  They are easy to clean and quite elegant.  A one-toggle switch plate is $8.50.

Are you a DIYer at heart? Here are some ideas for you to make your own ~

This article was updated February 2016