bass egg fathers day

I’ve been interested in the new wireless portable speakers for quite a while, but I didn’t have any way to differentiate among them.  I read a terrific review of the Bass Egg and decided to try it.

This is new technology and I can’t explain it to you, except to say that there is no speaker.  It uses reverberation technology that causes whatever surface you put it on to vibrate, making it seem like your coffee table is singing (wooden surfaces are the best although my friend Carlie says a boat hull is also terrific!). I put it on my kitchen table then put my ear to the table and the sound really does come from the table!  The sound is great, and it’s fun to hear how a change in surface type changes the sound.

Order it, open it up, follow three very easy steps to connect your phone or laptop through Bluetooth, and let it rip!  If you don’t have Bluetooth capability you can plug the Egg into your device.  How easy is that?

The website describes the Bass Egg as “Small, Portable, Sleek, Wireless, Easy to Use, Durable and Big Quality Sound.”  I agree.  One charge will give you 4 – 10+ hours of playtime depending on how loud you’ve cranked up the volume.  It is 3 ½” tall by 2 ½” wide and comes in two colors, black or gunmetal.  It is $99.00.

This could be the perfect Father’s Day, graduation or birthday present!  The problem with it is that it will be one of those one for him/her, one for me situations, but this is such a great product, the more the merrier.